Team Human is a product design consultancy that wants to create products that work and interact perfectly with humans.
To do this we use design thinking to engineer and design every component. We solve complex challenges by merging solid engineering principles, beautiful design ,and a user first approach.



Rob McKenna - Director

Rob is a product designer and maker who is interested in the progression and advancement in human and machine-ability.

Rob takes a hands-on approach to design progression through rapid prototyping and problem-solving. Rob has previously worked with Joseph Walsh Studios, Dolmen and Anderson Design amongst others.


Sean Toomey - Director

Sean is a product design engineer and medical device designer. Sean is interested in creatively merging engineering and design with human factors.

After working for the new product ideas team at Dyson, Sean completed an MSc in Medical Device Design. He has since consulted for large medical device companies, start-ups and also Lectures in Product Design.