Human Factors

Human factors is the study of how users observe, process and use information. Our design team uses human factors studies to enhance the design, understanding and usability of a device. Learn more about our human factors services.


Task analysis

A Task Analysis is a research tool used to micro analyse a user during a process.

The analysis enables in-depth information regarding all actions, timings, environments, risks and opportunities a user is faced with.

For product and medical device design the goal of a task analysis is a clarify a products usability, develop insights and create a teaching aid for others.

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Observational Studies

Observational studies can be controlled or open ended bodies of research into the perception, cognition and actions of a user. By doing this we provide insights into how a user engages with a product or medical device, and discover how it can be improved.


human factors testing

Other human factors research includes:

  • Anthropometric and Ergonomic studies.

  • Environmental studies.